Mount Saint Helens Vista

Posted by Scott on Aug 5th, 2016

This video sums up one of my favorite reasons for being alive:

Posting on Google Plus

Posted by Scott on Sep 22nd, 2014

This blog hasn’t been updated in quite some time. Like many people, I’ve switched over to using a social media platform for shorter posts (and especially photo sharing). I don’t use Facebook, but found a lot of the embedded Linux and kernel community seems to have adopted Google Plus, and I do like their circles model for sharing posts.

So if you’re curious what I’ve been up to lately, check out my Google Plus page.

Some noteworthy adventures I’ve been on this summer include a trip to Asia, and climbing Mount Saint Helens with my wife. Below are some direct links to the photo albums which documented these travels.



Mount Saint Helens

Mount Saint Helens Climb photos

I do have a couple of blog posts in mind that I may be writing up soon. Over the last month I borrowed a 3d printer and have some observations on that technology that I think are worth sharing. Until then, this is just a short update to let readers know that Google Plus is where you’ll get more regular updates of what I’m up to.

Blue Job Hike

Posted by Scott on Mar 23rd, 2008

An Easter Sunday hike up Blue Job mountain. I needed my ski poles for stability, not so much going up, but on the way down. Saw a pair of wild turkeys while I was heading down but wasn’t quick enough to take a shot with the camera.

Blue Job 2008-03-23      Blue Job 2008-03-23

October Hikes

Posted by Scott on Oct 30th, 2007

A few photos from some hikes I did this month.

Mount Percival Mount Morgan

Mount Percival and Mount Morgan, right off of Squam Lake. I climbed both over the course of 4.5 hours.

Blue Job Mountain

Blue Job Mountain, a short hike I do frequently in the late fall.

First Blue Job Hike of 2007

Posted by Scott on Apr 26th, 2007

I made it out to Blue Job Mountain this afternoon for the first time this year. I made it up in under 13 minutes, which really surprised me, because it’s a new personal record. I didn’t think I’d even come close to my numbers late last year without a few climbs to warm up.

Blue Job Mountain - April 26, 2007

The trees are just starting to bud again, the only green you’re seeing above is evergreens.

Racing to the Top of Blue Job Mountain

Posted by Scott on Dec 18th, 2006

I live within a reasonable distance of Blue Job Mountain, and find it a convenient short hike to do on a whim. I’ve probably been hiking it not quite every other weekend since late September. There’s a fire tower at the top and some great views when the weather is clear.

Blue Job Summit 2006-12-18

The past few times I’ve hiked it I’ve been timing myself, and just making small goals to improve my ascent progress. This morning I have a new record of 13:48 for the half-mile, 400-foot climb! Conditions were pretty much ideal this morning because when it’s wet it can slow you down quite a bit, as the trail is fairly rocky.

Blue Job Summit 2006-12-18

These photos were taken from the top of the fire tower, which I didn’t photograph as I have plenty of shots of it already.

Blue Job Summit 2006-12-18

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