Racing to the Top of Blue Job Mountain

Posted by Scott on Dec 18th, 2006

I live within a reasonable distance of Blue Job Mountain, and find it a convenient short hike to do on a whim. I’ve probably been hiking it not quite every other weekend since late September. There’s a fire tower at the top and some great views when the weather is clear.

Blue Job Summit 2006-12-18

The past few times I’ve hiked it I’ve been timing myself, and just making small goals to improve my ascent progress. This morning I have a new record of 13:48 for the half-mile, 400-foot climb! Conditions were pretty much ideal this morning because when it’s wet it can slow you down quite a bit, as the trail is fairly rocky.

Blue Job Summit 2006-12-18

These photos were taken from the top of the fire tower, which I didn’t photograph as I have plenty of shots of it already.

Blue Job Summit 2006-12-18

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