About Scott Garman

Hello there! I’m Scott Garman, a Linux developer who likes hacking on embedded systems for fun and profit. I bike and hike to keep my blood flowing. Being a part of the thriving open source community in Portland, Oregon makes me incredibly happy.

If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to drop me a line at sgarman at zenlinux dot com. I also try to keep my LinkedIn profile up to date with my recent professional activities. My PGP key is 0x457358963ED877F4, fingerprint 7733 A0B4 C43A FAF2 C301  B40E 4573 5896 3ED8 77F4.

I’ve not entirely abandoned this blog, but I have moved to using Google Plus for shorter updates on what I’m up to. Update: Well, Google decided to kill Google Plus in 2019, so I guess that’s a good reason to return to hosting content on my own managed services again. 🙁

By the way – and this was bound to happen at some point – there is another Scott Garman on the web who does software development. We even share the same middle initial. So if you’re doing web research on either me or the “other” Scott, do take care to ensure you’ve got the right one. 🙂

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