Ubuntu Lucid Breaks Wget Proxy Support

Posted by Scott on Apr 28th, 2010

A big warning to the many users behind a proxy server who will be installing Ubuntu Lucid Lynx soon: wget isn’t going to work. You can read the details in this bug report on Launchpad.

Basically the problem is that if your proxy exclusion list ends with a comma character, wget can’t parse the $no_proxy environment variable and defaults to not using your proxy (usually configured in ~/.wgetrc or via the $http_proxy/$ftp_proxy environment variables). And the GNOME Network Proxy UI apparently leaves a trailing comma in there if you make changes to the ignored hosts list.

The quick workaround is to add the following to your ~/.bashrc:

export no_proxy=$(echo $no_proxy | sed 's/,$//')

I spent a couple of days figuring this out, so I hope it helps someone else. I don’t see any way the fix will be included in Lucid before it ships on Thursday, so people will need to use this workaround until then. It’s a shame because as an LTS release, a lot of enterprise users are going to run into problems right out of the gate.

8 Responses

  1. Yuvaraj Says:

    Thanks a googol! I wget a lot & am behind a proxy server. This bug was a big show stopper. The show goes on thanks to your fix.

  2. John Miles Says:

    Thanks – just saved my life!!!!

  3. Julian Says:

    thanks , this helps.

    BTW, how does this affect using bzr behind a proxy ?

  4. parsimonias Says:

    You saved my life!!!

  5. harish Says:

    Thanks a lot you saved my life with that.

  6. Zane Gilmore Says:

    Thank you.
    You are a gentleman and a scholar!

    You have saved me hours of wasted time.

    Thanks again,

  7. Martin Says:

    Thank you very much. Without your help I would have stayed totally clueless. Everythink i checked seemed to be correctly configured.

  8. amsued Says:

    I had the same problem and solved it by your post!! 😀 I’m very happy!!!

    I used it for proxies from a proxylist site like http://AnonTux.com which is very perfect. And now I can use it again with your help!

    thanks again


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