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Posted by Scott on Feb 9th, 2010

Next week I’ll be giving a presentation on OpenEmbedded at the Portland Linux User Group’s Advanced Topics meeting:

Getting started in embedded Linux development can be intimidating. Every hardware device vendor seems to have its own embedded Linux distribution and way of developing for it. OpenEmbedded (OE) is a framework for creating highly customizable embedded Linux distributions. It provides a well-designed build system and cross-compilation environment to developers, and a robust package management system for setting up and maintaining your embedded Linux system.

Find out why OpenEmbedded is taking the embedded world by storm and improving the lives of embedded Linux developers.

Feel free to join us at Roots Organic Brewing, 1520 SE 7th Ave in Portland, at 7pm on Wednesday, Feb. 17. We meet in a room toward the back of the building. I’ve noticed the acoustics of the place are pretty poor, so I’ll be borrowing a sound system to help improve the presentation.

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  1. Joe Sauer Says:

    I’ll be there! We use poky, an OE derivative, for building the system for LabQuest, our “award-winning” handheld device. I’m looking forward to meeting Scott and other OE folks in the neighborhood. I’ve never been to Roots, even though I ride my bike past it every day. I hope the beer is good! :o)

  2. Scott Says:

    Hey Joe, I look forward to meeting you. And yes, I can assure you that the beer at Roots is very good!

  3. Dave Stewart Says:

    Scott – thanks for the informative talk last night.

    Are you willing to share your presentation slides? Thanks…

  4. Scott Says:

    Hi Dave, it was good to meet you at Roots the other night. My slides have been posted in a more recent blog post here: http://blog.zenlinux.com/?p=316

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