Handing Over the Reigns at NHRuby.org

Posted by Scott on Dec 24th, 2008

[As posted on the NHRuby.org mailing lists]:

There are some changes afoot for the NH Ruby and Rails User Group I wanted to let you know about. I am officially handing over the reigns of the group to the leadership of Nick Plante.

While I technically founded NHRuby.org back in January of ’07, Nick has been involved from the start, and we’ve considered each other co-chairs (and co-horts in crime) since the group got off the ground. I know Nick is going to do an excellent job helping the group continue to grow and succeed as a resource and gathering hub for Rubyists in the area.

This change is due to the fact that I will be moving to the West Coast in January. This group is one of the many things I will miss dearly about New Hampshire. Fortunately I can and will remain in touch with the group remotely.

To date, I’ve been hosting the electronic resources for the group (domain name, wiki, and mailing lists). I’m now in the process of migrating these services to ones Nick will administer.

The most disruptive change will be that this mailing list will be shut down on Monday, December 29. You will need to manually subscribe to the following Google Groups, which will replace the announcements and discussion lists, respectively:



Shortly after that, the nhruby.org domain will be transferred to Nick and he will take over hosting the web site (and adding a new blog, which is planned to eventually replace the wiki).

It’s been an honor and privilege to be involved in one of the first Ruby/Rails user groups in New Hampshire.

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  1. nap Says:

    Thanks for all your hard work Scott. And best of luck in Portland!

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