Ubuntu Release Day – 7.10 “Gusty Gibbon”

Posted by Scott on Oct 18th, 2007

Congratulations and a huge THANK YOU to the folks who participated in the creation of the latest release of Ubuntu GNU/Linux (and that’s a lot of people)! I’ve used a number of GNU/Linux distributions, and Ubuntu meets my needs perfectly for desktop usage and as a software development platform.

Where I work, I tend to go a bit overboard and run a release party, which last year featured an Ubuntu cake and balloons. This year we kept things simple with orange cupcakes and donuts (which were scuplted into the shape of the Ubuntu logo by my colleague and friend Jim). Everyone in the Engineering group knows when a new release of Ubuntu comes out, and it’s a great (if somewhat geeky) way of spreading the message of free software and the spirit of Ubuntu.

I’ve been extremely busy lately and probably won’t have a chance to install the new release for another week or so. But it won’t be long until all of my computers are running the Gutsy Gibbon.

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