Migrating Your Rails App to v1.2.5

Posted by Scott on Oct 16th, 2007

Within a couple of days of the release of Ruby on Rails v1.2.4, an important security fix was announced and rolled into yet another release (v1.2.5). This time, however, I will not be giving you a diff of changes between the versions. It turns out this is not necessary!

I just recently learned of a rake task you can use to upgrade your Rails application which applies version upgrade diffs for you. Now, to upgrade your Rails app, simply update your gem, update the RAILS_GEM_VERSION constant in your config/environment.rb file to the latest version number and run

rake rails:update

If this little tidbit wasn’t included in the official announcement of v1.2.5, I would never have known. Lesson learned: it’s worth spending some time looking at the output of rake -T to see what useful recipes you might have but be unaware of.

Don’t forget, tonight is the October NHRuby.org meeting. I’ll be giving a talk on deploying Rails applications using Vlad the Deployer.

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